03 Mar

What Am I Supposed To Write In A Research Paper On Gap Analysis?

Many students are not sure what to do with their research paper on gap analysis. If this is your problem, do not worry because there are experts who are willing to give you the kind of help you need to submit a high quality paper. Online custom writing help is always available for students who want to add onto what was learnt in class. So, what exactly is expected of you when writing about gap analysis? Here are is a list of things to cover in this kind of assignment.

  1. First, you need to understand what a gap analysis paper is all about. A gap analysis assignment is written to help business organizations understand and quantify gaps that exist between its current state and the ideal future. Therefore, you need to analyze these gaps that can help the management to take a certain action to get the business going in order to achieve its goals and fill up the identified goals. However, you will not be expected to provide the plan of action. Instead you write the foundation needed to develop it.
  2. Include organizational goals: your research paper should include specific effective goals that are attainable, measurable, timely and realistic. Clarify these goals and quantify them before getting started with your gap analysis. These goals include fixed overhead expenses, sales revenue, days of inventory, customer satisfaction and gross margin among others.
  3. Use historical data and information to benchmark the current state. If that data is not available for use, get sample data to assess the performance of the company. For example, if the goal requires sales revenue, data collection will require a tallying of sales from the present time. Getting data on a less concrete metric such as customer satisfaction would need the creation of surveys detailing customer feedback.
  4. Next, do the gap data analysis. Address what caused the gap. In your writing, remember that the most challenging part is not the much actual performance has failed to hit the target. Discuss what could be the possible causes of the failed performance and then use diagrams to analyze the situation. Report interviews with stakeholders all through the process and make use of statistical tools to establish the inputs that contributed to the outcome.

In your gap analysis research paper, start out with an executive summary to highlight the observed against the desire results for each category of goals.